Security Specialist SETCO


Security Specialist SETCO

Job Title: Security Specialist
Duty Station: State of Khartoum
Reporting to: Safeguard Coordinator
Duration: One year with possibility of extension based on Performance with three-month probationary period


The security specialist will (i) identify inherent security risks to the SETAP and HoA-RISES, (ii) identify potential risks (created by the project) to local communities, (iii) provide recommendations for managing risks associated with security management that will be in conformance with WB ESS 1 and 4,
develop procedures and document these in a Security Management Plan that is based on corporate policy and takes into account the risks to the Company (people, property, assets, and reputation) and risks to communities identified in the Security Risk Assessment.

Duties and Responsibilities

This security specialist is envisioned to achieve the assessment of SRA and produce SMP to minimize, manage or mitigate risks for project workers and project affected people and assets, as per the requirements under the ESF.

Undertake a Security Risk Assessment

The Security Risk Assessment (SRA) should ensure that SEHC has accounted for all foreseeable threats—to the project and communities—stemming from the SETAP’s presence and activities, so that it can develop effective mitigation measures. The SRA is expected to include document review, a site visit (in consideration with travel and field work requirements associated to COVID 19), and interviews with key internal and external security stakeholders, along with a final report with recommendations.
The SRA should include a security due diligence review of the project and provide a detailed due diligence report describing the level of conformance with local laws, applicable security requirements, the Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights, and security-related aspects of WB ESF.
The Security Risk Assessment should include information regarding relations with public security and the ability of the Company to contract appropriate private security, plus any risks and recommendations regarding either of these issues.

The Security Risk Assessment should include a catalog of all known risks, and it should evaluate their likelihood to occur, document the likely response(s), and assess their potential impacts. For the report, the consultant will articulate risks in either risk statements or risk scenarios. Mitigation measures to reduce these risks should be identified.

Develop a Security Management Plan

The consultant will develop a Security Management Plan that is based on integrating the principles of socially responsible security into management systems. Key tasks will include:

Review project documents and consult with relevant project teams and WB Task Team to attain a comprehensive understanding of projects implementation design, ESF and security risks, work plans, staffing arrangements, etc.
Review available information and consult with stakeholders to obtain an in-depth understanding of the security situation and dynamics in Sudan, particularly in project target areas, and identify project high-risk areas (such identification may be based on existing national or sectoral mechanisms for classifying security risks).
Identify, prioritize, and arrange critical requirements, and key activities for prevention measures and emergency responses for different categories of (a) project workers and (b) project-affected parties in project high risk areas.
As a key deliverable of the assignment, develop a Security Management Plan acceptable to WB that includes a security assessment and describes the concrete steps, stakeholders, monitoring measures, and reporting for enabling secure implementation of the project activities in project high risk areas.
Facilitate coordination and coherence of stakeholder support (possibly security officials, local government, local communities, etc.), as necessary, of the implementation of proposed security plans under the projects.
Orient the project staff to facilitate the security needs identified in the SMP and prepare a simple training material for community members on the SMP.


The required qualifications are:

Master’s degree in a field related to International Security, Social Sciences, Public Policy, or other areas relevant to conflict and security,
At least 10 years of demonstrated experience in the security sector or international security standards,
Proven knowledge of security best practices in field locations, including compliance processes for contractors and consultants,
Understanding of the application of the security risk management cycle,
Experience in coordination and liaison with contractors/consultants and State armed security elements deployed to site, community representatives and project level management structures,
Experience with the development and implementation of project security risk management plans and procedures encompassing multiple stakeholders,
Integrity, high degree of self-organization, ability to work under tight deadlines in diverse projects,
Strong written and oral capacity in Arabic and English languages,

Knowledge of the security context in Sudan or previous operational experience in Sudan is considered a strong plus.


Security Specialist will report to Safeguards Coordinator.


The assignment will be for one year with possibility of extension based on evaluation of performance.

Deadline: 15th June 2021- At 22:00 PM (Sudan local time)

How to Apply

All qualified Sudanese candidates are encouraged to apply through sending application letter along with Cv by email [email protected], or by hand to Sudan Electricity Holding Co Headquarter, Khartoum North, Kafory. For vacancies see the list below.

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