Program Manager


 Supervisor: 1. The Program Manager will report to the Undersecretary, MOFEP, and to the Technical Steering Committee of SFSP

 Duty Station: Khartoum

 Duration: 1 year subject to renewable based on performance

 Closing Date: 22 June 2021

 Background:   The government of Sudan is working to put Sudan on a path to sustainable, equitable, and broad-based peace and prosperity.  The government is focused on economic reform, including the replacement of fossil fuel subsidies that are a primary cause of inflation and exchange rate depreciation. Any such reforms will impact household budgets. Building on the international experience with successful reform, and mindful of Sudan’s longer-term strategic interests, the Government is designing the Sudan Family Support Program (SFSP). This cash transfer program is designed to mitigate the impact of reform on Sudanese, demonstrate the values of the government and its capability. It will provide a strong pillar for sustainable peace in conflict-affected regions by forming part of a transition to a sustainable livelihood. Cash transfers have been measured to have positive impacts on cognitive development, student test scores, savings, investment in livestock and agricultural assets, purchase of agricultural inputs, reduction in child labor, and empowerment of women. SFSP was launched by the Prime Minister on February 24th, 2021, and as of June 8th had enrolled over 700,000 families.  The effectiveness of the program depends on delivery systems that can reach millions of households efficiently without fraud. The Government is developing an electronic delivery mechanism, building on the National Civil Registry, including electronic enrollment and payment via an electronic transfer to digital wallets, bank accounts, and cash cards.  Achieving this transformative program will require a collaborative approach across the federal and state governments, the private sector, and civil society. The program requires a substantial communication and outreach effort, enlisting youth and civil society organizations to ensure that no one is left behind. It is against this background, the SFSP is seeking to deploy qualified consultant to provide technical advice and support the implementation of the program.   The Objective: The objective of the assignment is the operational management of the project team so that it achieves its program objectives on time and within budget.  The program objective is to deliver cash transfer support to Sudanese families affected by economic reforms and other short-term shocks.This objective will be measured through the following indicators: Number of households receiving cash/income support; Percentage of households headed by females, receiving cash/income support; Number of beneficiaries of SFSP; Percentage of female beneficiaries of SFSP.   The program is ambitious, seeking to provide up to 80% of Sudanese families.  There are also several longer-term developmental objectives for Sudan, which include: Expansion of the National Civil Registry to cover all Sudanese; Increased data protection and privacy; Increased financial inclusion; Expansion of digital payments; Increased productivity of small farmers and craftsmen receiving cash transfer support; Empowerment of women. Minimizing fraud.   Team Structure: The project is multi-disciplinary, requiring several integrated workstreams to operate harmoniously.  The project works teams are defined in “Pillars,” each of which is led by a Pillar Head.  These include Managers for MIS, Family Enrollment, Payment, Legal Affairs, Communications/Community Engagement, and Administration.  The project will operate across multiple states of Sudan simultaneously, so a number of the pillars will have dedicated teams focused on each state.  
 Duties and responsibilities:   Scope of Work: Achieving the objective above will require the Program Manager to be responsible for the following tasks:   Establishing a clear understanding of the program among internal and external stakeholders. Working with each Pillar Head to establishing short and medium-term goals and objectives, and detailed plans to achieve those objectives, taking into account interdependencies and resource requirements.   Once plans are agreed, holding pillar heads accountable for achieving these goals and objectives on time, while also providing support by removing bottlenecks, problem-solving, and providing guidance to each Pillar Head. Coordination of work across pillars, so that the program works seamlessly. Ensuring managerial reporting of project performance to stakeholders including donors, the project technical board, and cross-Ministerial steering committee. Coordination and communication with state-level and community-level representatives so that the program’s rollout across states will occur smoothly. Management of staff, including coaching, development, performance evaluation, and recommending corrective actions where needed, with the support of the Administrative Manager. Utilizing performance monitoring evaluation feedback to take corrective actions and suggest measures to improve the delivery mechanisms of the program.    Reporting:   The Program Manager will report to the Undersecretary, MOFEP, and to the Technical Steering Committee of SFSP.   The Consultant will provide an inception reporting within two weeks of starting the assignment confirming the approach to execution of the task. The Consultant will provide a progress report on the 30thof each month.   Terms and Conditions:   The assignment will be a one-year duration, extendable to two years.  The assignment may be extended, terminated or modified should MOFEPdetermine that it is necessary, with a minimum notice period to the consultant of three weeks. All materials developed in the course of the project and program will be the ownership of the Government of Sudan and will be considered confidential, not to be shared without the permission of the Government.
 Minimum Qualification, Skills and Experience Required:   A Masters’ Degree in Management or Business or Engineering. A minimum of eight (8) years of experience managing large projects or programs in the private sector, civil society or development sphere; A minimum of two years of project management experience in Sudan; Self-starter with a high degree of flexibility, tolerance for ambiguity, ability to work independently and on multiple projects simultaneously; A strong team player, able to resolve differences, motivate and inspire team performance; Excellent communication skills and the ability to effectively explain strategy and approach to external partners audiences; Strong management skills including the ability to provide strategic guidance, technical oversight, build strong teams, mentor staff, develop work plans, and manage budgets and project expenditures;  Good interpersonal skills with experience in networking with partners at all levels (Ministry, development partners, private sector, NGOs, and Academia);  Demonstrated success in project coordination and management;  Demonstrated written, analytical, presentation, reporting, and computing skills and familiarity with modern communication systems (internet, world wide web, email, etc);  Strong competence in the use of standard software productivity tools (such as Microsoft Office Suite or others). Full Arabic and English fluency, written and spoken
Dear applicants :   Clearly state your contact address and telephone number.  – Only short-listed will be contacted.   The closing date is June 22nd, 2021. Applicants are requested to submit applications and CVs and non-returnable photocopies of certificates to be addressed to: [email protected] Women are encouraged to apply for this position.

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